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Saturday, 13 May 2017


Good evening peeps,

Well this morning the car passed it's MOT at 8.30.

Eventually I found some clothes and crawled to the bus stop, I had missed one by 5 minutes. Three different buses stop there and mine was the last, so everyone else got their buses and I waited forlornly, until a familiar vehicle hove into sight, the works van!

I stuck my arm out as if the works van was a bus, and my workmate grinned cheerfully and pulled over. He gave me a lift to get the car as it was on his way, and we chatted cheerfully, I think we miss working together when I work with the boss these days. You know that recently I got rid of one of the big houses, the one where I did lambing, because the landed gentry aren't easy to work for? My workmate did a similar thing, but he got death threats by phone for quitting. Wow, they big houses have been awful to me through my 20s and then I got rid of one recently, but I never got death threats for quitting.

Anyway, I collected Max, and Max didn't feel much different, he has always been a smooth and easy drive, but now all I noticed was the sharpness of his brakes. Expensive little sod. And after all that carefully valeting I did, they have got oil all over him, inside and out. Grr.

Anyway, I had brief test drive, did some shopping and came home to watch TV, do some writing and housework.
The day has gone quickly. I have written a few thousand words and watched The Spy next Door, The Parent Trap, My Parents are Aliens, Melissa and Joey, and now I, Robot is on. The bedroom, bathroom and living room are swept, mopped and wiped, and the living room and kitchen are part way there, the work diary is done, and there is just the work schedule to do and some more writing and the remainder of the housework.
I seem to have gained a new garden, I will assess it this week.

As you may have noticed, I didn't try to do the Great Walk this year, I need more support to even do half of it, but I am sponsoring my landlady's son on his walk, which makes me feel like an old retired walker. Haha.

And guess what, on top of that very expensive MOT and repairs, Max's tax is due as well. Darn car!

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