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Friday, 12 May 2017

In for MOT

Hey peeps,

I dropped Max off for his pre-MOT service and repair at 7.30. I was too tired and in pain to want to get up and get sorted this morning, but I did anyway.
I am having breakfast in town, but the walk down was hard.

As I started walking alongside the main road, suddenly a dog was jumping at me, and I reacted by fighting it off. But it was a young dog and not savage, it was sudden and uncontrolled though, and in my sleepy and poorly state, it was a fright.
There was no owner in sight and the dog was still jumping wildly around and I hadn't a clue what to do, trying to catch it's harness. I do not like jumpy dogs, Juliet used to drive me mental by feeding everyone's dogs on the walk so they all jumped and drove me mad, and she blamed me for not liking it but I just do not like jumpy dogs. Juliet used to drive the dog owners mad because the dogs would follow her for treats and make them late for work.

Anyway, someone stopped their van and helped, the dog was only young but totally out of control, no owner in sight. After a minute a woman came running with a lead, but it wasn't her dog, she had seen it running into the traffic and had pulled over, and she had a lead and a dog crate, so she took the dog to to wherever you take lost dogs. Sorted. But took more energy than I have.

By the time I got to town I was almost crawling on all fours myself, didn't want to be caught and put in a dog crate though, so I am sitting here with coffee and painkillers.

Wish us luck for Max's MOT.

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