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This is a day to day blog of my life as I continue to survive, work on recovery and on the social problems that I have and try to come to terms with limitless traumas I have survived along the way.
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The former name of this blog and the name of it's sister blog are to do with my sense of humour, which I hope to keep to the end, which appears to be ever more rapidly approaching. At least I laughed, and I laughed at the people who were destroying me. Don't forget that.

Friday, 27 May 2016

'HG asks for release of Steel Report


Formal Demand to the Bishop of Winchester for a copy of the Steel Report to be released to HG:
Dear Bishop Tim Dakin, Bishop of Winchester,

In  2014 I took you to court as you had announced to the Jersey Press and Media that you intended to release the conflicted Steel report to a member of the Dean of Jersey's conflicted circle of church-judiciary-States-legal people. You didn't contact me to warn me then, nor did you show any concern for me whatsoever. Your recent pretence of concern and your failure to notify the press that the Steel report is under a court agreement means that you lack credibility.

You had failed to annul the Steel report when you were made aware that she was a member of this conflicted circle mentioned above and was conflicted by her close association with the Jersey Deanery, most notably her colleagues Philip and William Bailhache and Michael Birt. You also failed to arrange an independent interviewer to record my story as requested. Just as you failed to amend the Korris report.

You have also so far failed to provide me with a copy of the Steel report despite being repeatedly asked. Now why would that be? I am sure the Jersey Press and Media can think of many reasons, but none of them excuse you, nor can you excuse yourself. If it is a balanced and fair report and contains my side, why has it not been released to me? Or the court, for that matter, especially as you have stated that you are going to breach the agreement with the court and release it to John Gladwin for his report on behalf of the Jersey Deanery.  Publication or sharing defamation of me with any individual is illegal.

Use of that report in another report, without my consent counts as breach of the court agreement. And why would you release it to Gladwin's report without first giving me a copy and making sure I agree with the content, corrupting another report without question although Gladwin has stated he is also acting on behalf of the Jersey Deanery!

 Your statement implies that you consider the Steel report to be fact, even though you are bound over to release the report to me first and gain my agreement that what is in it is true. You and John Gladwin are going to be in serious trouble if you keep up this harassment.

Gladwin has made it clear on the phone that he unquestioningly supports the Jersey Deanery and their conflicted Steel whitewash, isn't it fascinating just how deep corruption and ignorance in the Church of England runs?  Gladwin is the man who worked with Butler-Sloss in the famous Peter Ball cover-up, and despite Butler-Sloss being discredited and despite her ignoring my plea for help in 2011 and proceeding instead to whitewash with Korris, nothing has yet been done about the Gladwin-Sloss coverup team, although thankfully she was prevented from corrupting the current inquiry into systemic crimes against children by the Church.

And eventually if this onslaught against me continues, that corruption and cruelty will not be contained by the Church buying the press or lawyers or judges or police or any agencies who are supposed to protect the vulnerable but have failed me.

I have already said this, but how do you think attacking and discrediting and smearing a vulnerable and destroyed survivor even remotely relates to safeguarding?  You have removed any credibility or pretence of this matter being about safeguarding as you have severely and persistently harmed me by misleading and stirring up the press for over three years with no thought for my welfare. Each new attack reinforces the fact that this is not about safeguarding.
 Each one-sided whitewash report and each press attack belies any pretence of that. Firstly the church are remorselessly and relentlessly destroying me for no justifiable reason through the one-sided press attacks, and secondly, what does cover-up and dishonesty do for safeguarding? Thirdly, what have the whitewash reports achieved for safeguarding?

Here is my proposal for the release of the Steel report. If it is supposedly about my case, release it to me, as requested repeatedly.

I will release the Steel report, with the help of my supporters. We will read it, we will report any criminal and illegal actions shown up in it, we will counter every paragraph with my unheard and unseen evidence and we will release this to the press and media with laughter, and even if they try to report only one side of things, we will bring this festering pathetic little cover-up out into the open and back into the courts.  Don't you think it's time?

Once the Steel whitewash is public and rubbished publicly as it should be, seeing as you launched this attack on me and have upheld it for over three years, please make sure investigations into the following occur:

  • ·        The abuse and damage I suffered in the Church previous to Jersey
  • ·        Why Jane Fisher actively co-ordinated me being discredited in Jersey over this on behalf of the Dean, my abusers and the Lihous and Warrens.
  • ·        Why no report has been carried out into Jane Fisher's illegal and damaging actions/a report into this
  • ·        What happened to me in Jersey, including the police's henious actions on behalf of the church and all illegal liasons.
  • ·        What happened after Jersey as Scott-Joynt and Fisher acted illegally to cover up and destroy me and drive me and defame me to authorities in illegal liasons
  • ·        Why your reports omit my side of things
  • ·        The damage done to me by you and the press and Jersey deanery and Archbishop and why these years of harm have gone by with no investigations into these things on this list.

Probably a good idea to channel the money being wasted on keeping Gladwin fat and use it for these investigations. 
Gladwin and his colleagues Steel and Butler-Sloss make their livings and abuse their power through their whitewashes.

The whole church of England is shamed by two people who they have destroyed. And no matter how one-sided the press are in reporting on this, that fact remains. Can you imagine Jesus upholding or approving ANY of what has happened, or condoning the way Bob and I have been destroyed? The Church aren't even thinking in terms of Jesus or what He stood for.

Please ensure all copies of the Steel report, the series of redactions and alterations, all material, is sent, and bring this pathetic relentless use of the press for cover-up to an end.

By the way, how will the Jersey Press and Media respond to this if at all? Will they support me in my demand or will ignore my side again or will they print this?

Headline 'HG asks for release of Steel report'

Note that the JEP's bad headlines and bad grammar means they miss the 'The' Out, some of the JEP bad grammar and headlines beggar belief, they probably need an investigation themselves into why their standards are so low. Oh, I know why their standards are so low, their director has taught them to have a bad cigarette in one hand as they type. He's my abuser's brother, you know. The worst Christmas of my life was spent in his fog of cigarette smoke.

No consent is given by me for release of any reports carried out by the Church of England to the public or within the church or within any other report. 


'Je Suis Bob Hill, Je vais me battre jusqu'à ce que je tombe , avec courage'.

Bob Hill Jersey Blog

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Releasing a report

Dear IPSO and other recipients including the Editor of the JEP, and Jersey's BBC and ITV who have behaved equally inappropriately and the IPSO review panel as IPSO are not responding quick enough to stop the attacks by the JEP.

The press and media have seen my statement of fact and there is no excuse for the continuing discrediting of me without balancing reports and statements with my side of things. There never has been an excuse.

I attach yet another damaging effort to discredit me, this is a previously mentioned article, written by Andy Sibcy, editor of the Jersey Evening Post, seemingly in response to my complaint, showing that he doesn't believe he and his biased and unprofessional newspaper will be held to account, and showing contempt for my contact and statement of fact.

I would like to make a few points about this article and the Jersey Evening Post.

The onslaught against me by the Jersey Evening Post and Jersey media go against safeguarding, despite the church claiming that this prolonged and relentless attack on my character is about safeguarding. Obviously the Church of England have kind of missed the point regarding the meaning of the word.

During this pitiful revenge reporting by Sibcy, he makes assumptions as to why the Bishop of Winchester is witholding the Steel report. Ignoring the Statement of Fact from me that states that the Bishop is under a court order regarding the Steel report. Sibcy tries to use the witholding of the report to discredit me yet again, as had happened repeatedly, as he tries to say that could be witheld to 'protect' HG, no, it is witheld because it was subject to court proceedings as it is a one-sided whitewash put together by the Jersey Deanery and their States, judiciary and lawyer members, Has Sibcy read or taken my side of things? Either he hasn't or he has and he is only reporting one side of things. Very unprofessional, basically an attack on me.
He also talks about it being witheld as a 'coverup', because as well as discrediting me in his childish, biased and one-sided rant, he is also serving the Jersey Deanery by attacking the Bishop of Winchester,a service that the Jersey press and media have done for the Jersey Deanery alongside attacking me for over three years now. But no sign of Sibcy either acknowledging my side of things or using them to balance his revenge rant.

Upholding the Jersey Deanery he states that they maintain that they haven't done anything wrong and that the Archbishop has stated that safeguarding standards are as high in the Jersey Deanery as elsewhere in the church. So obviously  church safeguarding standards are appallingly low, considering what I have witnessed and experienced, sibcy fails to point out that the repeat one-sided press and media onslaught which incredibly continues to omit that the church have not interviewed me or included me in any reports, is a very serious safeguarding failure and as the Archbishop continues to uphold both the wrongdoing and cover-up in the Jersey church and the one-sided attack on me through and as a result of the press and media, the situation goes beyond just a safeguarding failure and becomes a criminal matter.
Until there is a report into what happened to me in the Jersey Deanery, the Archbishop is not in a position to either uphold the Jersey Deanery or apologize to the Dean and exonorate him, and as yet there has been no report, nothing but one-sided and conflicted whitewashes, but Sibcy is abusing his power and misleading the general public with his assumptions about what the Steel report contains.
Jersey's safeguarding board, who also did a whitewash on behalf of the church, also continue to look on dumbly as this is brought to their attention, although again, a recent report showed their failure as a safeguarding board to be profound. This onslaught with people standing by and allowing it, is a massive and complex safeguarding failure.

Incredibly at the end of his one-sided attack on me and the Bishop of Winchester, Sibcy tries to claim that the failure to release the Steel report isn't fair on me. His blatant act of pushing for the release of this report on behalf of the Jersey Deanery is incredible, the arrogance that he thinks he can act as a mouthpiece for the Jersey Deanery without balancing the story is astounding, the attempt to use me as a push for the Steel report is ludicrous, as most readers of this will have seen from the recent witness statement, and some from receiving the evidence, Heather Steel is conflicted and wrote a whitewash to clear the Dean and discredit me. I took legal action regarding the Steel report, and thus after discrediting me, Sibcy is not in a position to use my name in vain. He also has no right to make assumptions about what is contained in the Steel report in order to further discredit me without justification and stating a source for his statement about what the Steel report contains. 

The question to ask is WHY the Jersey Deanery and their employees of press and media are so desparate for the release of a report that they know is not balanced and is conflicted, why they fight so loudly for this report? Why are they not fighting for me to be included in a report when they know I have been excluded? I would like to see Sibcy print that but for three years he hasn't, maybe his employers in the Church wouldn't like it?

To add to all this, something I have asked again and again as years of attacks on me have gone by, what happens to the voiceless vulnerable when the press and media behave like this on behalf of the church or other overpowerful and corrupt organisations? What happens to those who cannot speak and also cannot write as I do? I was once mute and I learned to write to communicate and now it remains my preferred form of communication but what happens to the voiceless vulnerable? I am of the understanding, from what I have heard from a person in Jersey who will be reading this, that there have been suicides as a result of the Jersey Evening Post and media behaving in this horrible and unjust and unjustifiable and unbalanced way to other vulnerable people who have been mistreated by people of power in Jersey.

My complaint about this behaviour has been being made for a long time, and in the case of the IPSO, Sibcy is behaving as if he expects to be allowed to continue to re-abuse me without action from them, so I will send all the paperwork to the internal review as well, and I will continue action for as long as it takes to prevent the press and media abusing me and others on behalf of the church and related corrupt and dishonest authorities. Constructive murder or manslaughter is the best way of describing this relentless attack as it tears my life apart yet again.

I would also like to remind Sibcy and the IPSO that the continued display of troll and  offensive comments and attacks on Bob Hill who is seriously ill as a result of trying to protect me from these press and media onslaughts by the Jersey Evening Post are not in any way defensible or justifiable. Bob should not have had to defend my life and wellbeing at the cost of his own life as a result of this massive and prolonged safeguarding failure of the church press and media campaign against me, it is vile and unspeakable that the Jersey press and media can stoop this low for this long, inexcusable.

Are the regulators really going to go on allowing these persistent and life-shattering onslaughts against me?

But despite my contact of the press, despite my statement of facts, my side is still not included, which is an indication that what they are doing and have done is not reporting, not broadcasting news, just acting as a political, biased, misleading and foul mouthpiece on behalf of the Church of England who's glaring and profound failure in running a proper safeguarding investigation stands out clearly, waiting for a time when there is proper reporting on it and a proper regulator, proper justice and long overdue independent oversight of the Church of England.

I attach the blatantly biased petty revenge  effort by Sibcy to abuse his power over the press and public and push for the release of a report that is under a court order and on behalf of the Church who he is representing, please rotate the article when you download it, our scanner wouldn't scan it to portrait.
Will the regulators act on this onslaught? Or the next one? Or is this to persist indefinitely?



Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Update on Harassment by the Church through the press and media

FAO Robin Kelly

Repeat Jersey Evening Post Complaint in response to further harm:

Dear IPSO and recipients,

The witness statement at the end of this email is vital reading.

I have copied the other standards teams in on this email as it does relate to similar behaviour by other press and media in Jersey. Also copied in Jersey's safeguarding board, who have failed me for three years by standing by and allowing the press and media and general public to harm me,  and also produced a whitewash of my case on behalf of the church and police.Also copied in are the communications departments for the Bishop of Winchester and Archbishop and a number of people who have contacted me complaining of the JEP and other media's attack on me in their representation of the Church of England

I understand that the response to my complaint about the Jersey Evening Post was another attack on me by the Jersey Evening Post (JEP) in the editorial as they have ignored my statement of fact and run an editorial demanding the release of the conflicted Steel report on behalf of the Jersey Deanery. This article will be sent in the next email after it has been transcripted for the future court case. There will probably not be a court case against the press/media during the time I ask the Press Standards and ofcom to act regarding the press and media bias and harm to me, however court cases against the Church and the press are currently separate matters.

This is now a very serious matter, described below by one of the Jersey people who have been supporting me through this crisis.

'However, I'm told the JEP [yesterday I think] did an editorial comment demanding release of Steel report - and was slagging off the Bishop [who's name escapes me at the moment, who commissioned the original report which, in the main, supported you, and caused the war between the Jersey C of E and UK C of E'

With this matter of bias and attack continuing with impunity, and with the editor of the JEP well aware of this being prejudice and an attack on a vulnerable person without her side being heard, isn't it time the IPSO took action? A newspaper that acts with such blatant and unjust prejudice and putting a vulnerable adult's life at risk is not just breaching journalistic and press codes, but now doing so in revenge for the complaints.

The JEP, along with ITV and the BBC persistently act on behalf of the Dean and push for the release of the conflicted Steel report and consistently fail to add that Steel is a member of the Judiciary circle connected to the Dean and the Town church and also fail noticably and persistently to publish the fact that the Steel, Korris and other reports do not contain my views and are thus not valid. The JEP, along with the BBC and ITV have spent the past 3 years discrediting me and misleading the general public to think that my abuser has no case to answer and that the Steel report should be published.
It remains that my side of the story is not in any newspaper, media or report. But even after I have made this most recent complaint, after the JEP and media have been allowed to continue their attack despite my complaints, they have continued to allow harm to me, and not just to me, but also allowing attacks on the man who is seriously ill after collapsing from the stress of defending me from harm by the Jersey press and media.

The Bishop of Winchester is under a court order over the Steel report after allowing it to continue when he was presented with evidence that it was conflicted. The JEP and Jersey media persist in not reporting this. The Bishop can't truthfully claim to be choosing not to publish the conflicted Steel report, he is not allowed to publish it, and the JEP persist in stirring people up and stirring up hatred over this report as well as defaming and smearing and discrediting me.
Please be reminded of their open and blatant upholding of Senator Philip Bailhache, lay chair of the Jersey Synod last year, on the front page of the JEP, Bob Hill who produced the blog on this, collapsed with the stress of defending me a few days later, and the JEP are currently allowing trolls to attack him as well as stirring them up to demand this report that the JEP have misrepresented for 3 years, second link:

Scroll down for the kind of inaccuracies and nastiness the JEP allow: 

I am being put under persistent undue stress over this matter.  I would like the IPSO to take this matter seriously and act promptly as this has persisted for over three years, has led to one man being left seriously ill and a vulnerable adult left destroyed publicly. There aren't any excuses any more, especially as the most recent attack was made yesterday after I made a complaint and is thus a revenge attack. And the JEP continue to misreport blatantly on the Steel report and stir up demands for this report when it is conflicted, invalid, under a court order, and written by a member of the defendent's circle despite protests, and the JEP do not report on this side of things.

Articles such as this one fail to state that this retiring bailiff is not only a member of the town church but also of the Dame Steel and the Dean's circle of judiciary, States and Town Church members, it omits what the JEP have been told for 3 years, that Steel is conflicted, that she is a member of this circle and thus not in a position to investigate the Dean:
Nor has there been any comment there about why the Bailiff is only interested in the report on the Dean. The cries for this report to be published and the stirring up of the general public by this circle and their supporting newspaper, the JEP, are so very blatant and completely omitting my side of things, and for over three years I have endured this. I don't think any more excuses can be made now for this harassment by the JEP. And anyone who stands by and allows this should be asked why.

Then, this is Senator Bailhache, a Senator who is also lay chair of Jersey Deanery synod, conflicted not only by that but by being a colleague of Dame Heather Steel, he has written law publications with her, he has had her as a guest speaker at one of the conferences he ran, he arranged with her for her to be put forward to create a report that defamed me and cleared the Dean, he is very angry that instead of being one of the voiceless vulnerable such as the abuse victims he failed to protect as a judge by allowing their abusers to go on abusing, I have continued to speak up and fight back, and when the Bishop of Winchester failed to annul the Steel report, I took him to court. Which is why 

With these powerful people supporting the Dean and meeting with the Archbishop with all their legal expertise, I am left voiceless and continually attacked by the press and media on behalf of these powerful people. This is abuse, and there must be an end to it at some point. 

How can any member of the UK church know who in Jersey is conflicted when not a single member of the UK church has met with me and recorded my full story? The Bishop hasn't met with me, nor the Archbishop, and the only reports carried out have been conflicted and have not contained my views. For the press and media to continually raise the matter of the reports and mislead the general public but refuse to add my side of things, this is nothing to do with news or balanced reporting, it is just a further attack on me.

Presumably the JEP, overseen by my abuser's brother, will try to make excuses about me being mentally ill, this is something that abusers and their supporters do, it is a way of trying to discredit survivors, who do act in traumatised ways and have that used against them. 
My psychological report is available, I am assessed as free from serious mental illness and suffering Post Traumatic Stress. Each attack on my life by the Jersey press and media puts my life at risk and causes me profound distress. Although in the case of Mr. Sibcy and his newspaper, that seems to be either a bonus of one of the aims.
Here's my psychological report, and considering it's outcome, by a very skilled and experienced professional, how do you think I am coping after another three years of this biased and vicious harassmet by the Jersey Evening Post? 

The Archbishop's office have been made aware of the distress and damage, as have the Bishop of Winchester's office, but they have consistently ignored the damage done to me by the press and media and have continued to make press releases that are published without question by the JEP and Jersey's BBC and ITV. None of whom publish the reality of Steel's conflicted state and my side of things. ITV made a bluster and pretence of including me but for themselves and not me, and partly because of my complaint to ITV. No reporter, journalist or press or media personnell have interviewed me. They simply publish what suits them. And years of complaints about this has changed nothing.

When the press and media attack, defame and discredit a vulnerable person persistently and relentlessly, especially in my case, there is no recovery, there has been no apology each time over the years, the wounds have remained and have built up and built up. This matter must be concluded, properly and the attacks must stop.
There is no excuse for either the press and media or the Church of England's abuse of power in this matter, none. Both are responsible for ensuring that a balanced and equal story is shared, and for these years both have failed to do so.

The articles discrediting me remain available, and I am getting complaints from Jersey people who are afraid to complain to these abusive press and media themselves because in Jersey, the consequences of speaking up can be ruin. As I myself know. 
The Church are liable because they not only knowingly released one-sided stories, knowing the damage to me, but have failed to redact and remove these articles in the press or ensure that my side of things is heard.
The press and media are also liable because they have again omitted my side for their prejudice, also well aware of my complaints and distress over the years.

Finally, below is an article written by an independent observer of the Church and press and media campaign of abuse, I don't necessarily agree with the writer but he is just giving his view, without influence, and he is able to give his view because he has seen the press and media but looked beneath their bias, and most observers of this matter haven't been as reasonable and impartial, the impact of strangers attacking due to the cruel and self-serving church and press will affect me to my dying day, remember, more important than the needs of the Church and press in this, a vulnerable adult's life has been destroyed and is at risk and that makes the continued actions of church, press and media unjustifiable:

Bystander's written observation:

Waiting for HG

The media battle over the case of HG has been coming to the forefront of the news over the last year, largely as a result of proactive pushes by the church hierarchy in Jersey to obtain the Steel report.

Although it contained background information about the policy of chaperoning a churchwarden who was to tactile with women, and who was the subject of HG’s complaint, it has been widely seen that the Korris report was flawed in some respects. Not least of these was the inability of Jan Korris to interview HG herself, and yet to press ahead with the report regardless, basing HG’s testimony on emails from her to others; the obvious flaw in this is that it gives only one side of the story, and a highly selective one, as HG may have been angry in some emails, and those undoubtably were those selected to pass on to Korris by participants in the review both in Winchester and Jersey.

And while Korris mentioned that HG had been bound over to leave Jersey, and forcibly placed on a plane and left destitute in England, she failed to mention that this binding over to leave Jersey  could not have occurred had Michael Scott-Joynt decided to withdraw a complaint of harrassment, leaving just that of Bob Key, the Dean of Jersey,  standing.

The Bishop’s decision to published precipitated a crisis in which Winchester and Jersey were at loggerheads. This was not helped by the politicisation of the whole matter, which shifted the focus from HG onto the conflict between Bishop Tim Dakin and Dean of Jersey, Bob Key. Instrumental in this were Gavin Ashenden, Sir Philip Bailhache, and Bruce Willing, all of whom vilified HG.

Sir Philip wrote a letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and this seems to have involved access to confidential material, which he had been seen perusing on a plane trip between London and Jersey. Having blasted the passengers who had brought it to the attention of Deputy Trevor Pitman, as “malicious” and making them out to be liars, he finally grudgingly issued a statement in which he said he could have only had information in the public domain and not police records, and anyway he has been confused about which flight it was, and he didn’t really mean to brand the passengers “malicious”. It was a grudging apology because his position was untenable, but evidently he was amassing material to send to Canterbury in which he appeared to show not one whit of concern or compassion for HG. He even mooted the idea of an independent Diocese of Jersey. Such delusions of grandeur. A big fish in a small pond.

Meanwhile the Bishop had decided to take refuge behind a press agency, the rather pagan sounding Luther Pendragon, and commissioned two more reports by Dame Heather Steel, and Bishop Gladwin. Dame Steel, of course, as a QC, had met Sir Philip Bailhache, so could not be seen as impartial anyway. It may be remembered that in the UK, there were two attempts by the Government  to place conflicted persons in charge of an inquiry into historic child abuse, both of which folded under public criticism. It is not enough to be unbiased, there must be no suspicion that their could be bias, and in the case of Dame Heather, that certainly was not the case. Like Korris, she failed to engage with HG, but completed her report anyway.

The Bishop then decided to sit on the report, much to the chagrin of the Jersey church “rat pack” who were trying to get it seen to justify their position that Bob Key was a good guy – despite him admitting he made safeguarding mistakes – and Tim Dakin was a bad guy. A delegation led by the Chief Minister went to the UK, led by the Chief Minister, and with the Bailiff, the brother of Sir Philip, to get the report published but came away empty handed.

Meanwhile HG was asking for the report not to be published as she had suffered enough trauma already and it was destroying her life. Deaf and insensitive, the Jersey Church “rat pack” continued and no doubt will continue to complain., because until it is published, they can’t play their religious politics against the Bishop.

The latest development has been a sit down dinner with the Archbishop for the Dean and his wife, and an informal apology for all the hurt they had suffered, which was made public soon afterwards. It was only a supper, alas, and not the Last Supper, and no thirty pieces of silver for betraying HG in the first place.

Newspapers publish the story because it sells, and they don’t seem to be aware of the hurt it causes to HG, except as they can ask her to give “her side of the story”, and thus make a relativism of truth. The Bishop did send an email apology to HG, but still can’t leave alone as requested. And the Jersey Church “rat pack”, are still stirring the pot like the old hags in Shakespear’s Macbeth.

Where is HG in all of this? Like the play “Waiting for Godot”, her voice is not heard, and she is a presence of stage, while others strut their stuff and take centre stage.



This is who the Church and press are attacking and destroying - repost for the press

Psychological report:

12th July 2013 


Re:  J. H
(Dob) ********

I am a clinical psychologist and work for the NHS and I am also an associate of ********* ***** in that capacity. I have worked as a psychologist for twenty years.

J. H. came to ********* ****** in January this year requesting help to understand and more effectively manage her emotions, in order to improve her relationships.  J. also wanted to reassure herself that she is not “mad”. I believe the latter concern has followed both as a consequence of the traumas she has experienced and because of others’ reportedly malign attitudes towards her following these experiences. I have met J. a number of times over this period, and she has talked to me about her very troubled upbringing as well as the difficulties she has faced since then.  

J. talked about her family in which she is one of fifteen siblings all brought up by their biological parents. J. described her father as authoritative, punitive and sometimes physically abusive. For example, J. recounted that she had only attended school for two terms when she was about eight years old and she was largely home-taught by her father. J. stated that her father used to beat her for not doing well at maths.  J. said that she later discovered that she had a specific learning difficulty with mathematics (dyscalculia).  Despite this poor educational experience, J. observed that at 14 she bought her own books from money she earned from paper rounds and taught herself. J. attained five GCSEs at age 16 and a further two since then. J. later went to a careers advisor who suggested that she take up a course in horticulture and agriculture.

J. further observed that she felt that although her father could not cope well with the demands of life he was better at seeing to the children’s needs than her mother who she described as more often ill or too “obsessed” by concerns outside the family to be emotionally and practically accessible to her children.  For example, J. noted that her mother would be involved with Court cases and quarrels with the neighbours. In this context, J. recounted that the family sometimes lived in hostels for the homeless, at times in council housing. J. recounted that her family was seen in the eyes of others as the “the family from hell”, and often targeted by the neighbours in some communities including having fireworks put in the letter box, and in which communities gang violence was prevalent. Overall, J.’s account was of an extremely unstable and disrupted home life.  J. noted that she experienced extreme emotional distress when she was 12 years old.  

J. further described her parents as having rigidly held, extreme beliefs about the educational establishment and the medical profession, noting that her parents distrusted doctors and midwives. For example, J. noted that her mother did not call an ambulance when her father was critically ill because the “hospital would try to kill him”, and that doctors could be “practising warlocks”. These paranoid beliefs resulted in the children being raised in an insular, cultish atmosphere in which J. and her siblings were “terrified” to refute such beliefs. 

This brief description alone would be sufficient to suggest that J. might develop significant emotional problems arising from disrupted attachments to parents, and an overall parental inadequacy in providing a nurturing environment. In the absence of protective factors, for example, at least one significant nurturing adult, these experiences are likely to lead to later difficulties in relationships. 

J. left home when she was 17, with the idea of seeking a “normal” life. She has not since returned and she noted that her father died a few years ago. J. attended college where she met a counsellor who was also a Vicar of the local church in the Winchester diocese. J. initially found the counsellor helpful but that this person had crossed her professional boundaries in her role as counsellor. J. apparently reminded the counsellor of one of her own family members and the counsellor befriended her rather than maintaining a professional relationship. J. stated that the counsellor, being also a vicar, encouraged J. to join the church, which J. did.  J. recounted that between 19 and 20 years old the Vicar’s husband sexually abused her. J. noted that the Vicar did not believe that this had happened. Since then J. has experienced the secondary trauma of not only being disbelieved but accused by Church officials of being “mad”.  J.’s efforts to have her complaint upheld have resulted, she said, in being unjustly incarcerated by the police for “harassing” the church. J. noted that she was also physically assaulted by police officers during this episode. J. recounted her experience of being sexually abused in Jersey when she was 26 years old. J.’s story is one in which repeated efforts to be heard have fallen on deaf ears. J. noted that she had once attempted suicide but has not done since. J. described herself as fit and strong before becoming homeless and had enjoyed life. J. has since been struggling to overcome both the trauma of sexual abuse and the negative impact of not having her voice heard by officials, an issue well documented in other such cases.

In relation to the traumas J. has experienced flashbacks and nightmares, and avoids people other than friends whom she knows to be trustworthy; she experiences high levels of anxiety when thinking of these issues, very noticeable in sessions with J..  J. has interpreted her anger as problematic yet these feelings are to be understood in the context of the abuse she has suffered and are well documented in the experiences of post traumatic stress. J. shows some insight into the difficulties with her relationships and her feelings and has tried assiduously both to understand her experiences and to improve herself from these.  Despite her parents’ distrust of doctors and her learnt discomfort with them, J. sought medical help and was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome when she was 25. One of the key issues experienced by people with this condition is some difficulty in relating to others. For example, it is often not easy for people with Aspergers to understand the intentions or motives of others. J. noted that she becomes anxious about others’ views of her, but this is hardly surprising in the light of her having internalised so many negative views of herself both from her early family experiences and by the perpetrators of the sexual abuse she has experienced, and those who have reportedly refused her justice.

In my opinion, J. is suffering from post-traumatic stress brought about by sexual abuse and exacerbated by the responses she has experienced from the Church in her attempts to seek justice. 
J. has a history of depression arising from this and has difficulty sustaining relationships, although she has a few understanding friends.  J.’s experiences have been and continue to be further compounded by the limits imposed by Aspergers on her social communication skills, making her very vulnerable to exploitation by others. Such potential exploitation and abuse may be facilitated by J.’s already fragile sense of self. Despite these significant difficulties J. evidently displays strength and tenacity in trying to overcome the impact of her past experiences. Her desire to come to terms with the past and to improve her life says more about her “normality” than anything else. I believe that J. will need a lot of further support in her endeavours to achieve these outcomes. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.

Originally posted:

Monday, 23 May 2016

A Fraction of HG's response to the Church of England's recent attack on her life through the Press and Media

Bob Hill Jersey Blog

'Je Suis Bob Hill, Je vais me battre jusqu'à ce que je tombe , avec courage'.

Update from HG regarding the onslaught against her by the Archbishop and the Bishop of Winchester and their return to abusing HG through the Press and Media.
HG is ill and homeless, she is very tired and just wants to sleep. She continues to function as best she can but is in severe distress.
The Articles below will take some time to read:

To JEP?IPSO  23/05/2016

Dear IPSO,

Could you ask Mr Sibcy to stop contacting me. His disregard for my wishes and welfare is beginning to amount to a much more serious matter. If he emails again he will receive a legal warning, followed by an injunction. It is a good thing I have been taught how to carry that out, but the IPSO really must act this time as the Jersey Evening Post are a risk to the vulnerable in the community.
If Sibcy was to make a pretence of my side in the Jersey Evening Post, he would undoubtedly uphold the ensuing attack on me by the general public, stirred up by years of biased and aggressive reporting against me. It is too late for the general public in Jersey to hear the reality.

By the Way, may I offer you Bob Hill's blogs in the links below? For years Bob has offered a counterpoint to the biased press and media attacks on me, until last year during a particularly nasty attack on me by the Jersey Evening Post (JEP) and media in Jersey, the stress caused Bob to fall with a severe brain haemmorage, again I say, this newspaper is a risk to lives.

I am going to put Bob's most recent letter first to show you just how recently the Archbishop of Canterbury has been unpholding corruption by meeting in the press limelight with Abusers and their protectors while shunning their victim:
Please see this letter for one form of Dame Steel's conflicted actions:
This is my guest Posting on Bob's Blog:

To: JEP/IPSO  23/05/2016


Stop emailing, you are distressing a vulnerable adult who is in crisis and homeless as a result of the recent attacks, you helped to destroyed the life I rebuilt and nothing you say is remotely credible, it is rapid back-covering no matter what you say.
IPSO, please uphold my complaint and get this man and his rag newspaper to stop their years of harassment.
I have been re-abused by the Church and press for a long time now and this is to be the end of it.
Thank you.


Dear IPSO/Robin Kelly,

For the first time in the years that I had a response have made complaints to the Jersey Evening Post by phone and email for their attacks on me through their articles, the general public who's negative responses  they publish in attacks against me as if it is fact and also their employee Gavin Ashenden who is a member of the Jersey clergy as well as their columnist. Ashenden uses his position to spread general bigotry, homophobia and Islamophobia as well as attacking me and other vulnerable people.

At this point after three years of attacks, Sibcy, the Editor has actually answered, presumably because he is aware that I have complained to you.
Unfortunately by this stage and considering the weight of the damage done by Sibcy and his newspaper, nothing he says is relevant and credible and this time I would like my complaint against the Jersey Evening Post upheld.

Sibcy is the editor of the Jersey evening post, he is not my abuser's brother*********    who oversees the Guiton Group who run the Jersey Evening post and who has overseen this mass discrediting of me on behalf of his brother.

The Jersey Evening Post have never asked for my side of things, never interviewed me, never published my response to shameful attacks on me and never responded to either phone or email complaints against the one sided attacks on me that they have launched and run on behalf of the Church and my abuser. And as far as I am concerned the Jersey evening post will continue until they are formally prevented, it is incredible and laughable that Sibcy has all of a sudden sent me an email labelled 'right of reply' presumably he is talking about his right of reply and not mine and only because this time he has actually read a complaint sent to him, he has never responded before.

This paper has bullied and crushed survivors and their protectors over a very long period of time, most notably covering up for the Government in the Haute de la Garrenne case, leaving victims hurt and voiceless. This paper, in a small island, has the power to ruin and alienate members of the community who speak up about subjects that certain people in power do not want to see balanced reporting on.
It really is time that a complaint on their biased reporting is upheld.
And as far as I am concerned, I disregard anything Mr Sibcy all of a sudden sends to me after years of harm to me and failure to respond to me.

Anyone receiving a carbon copy of this, I think a few of you have suffered negative experiences of the JEP, and I would like to see them actually called to account after years of overridden complaints. Attacking a traumatised vulnerable adult and misleading the general public for over three years with no effort whatsoever to balance the story or respond to complaints is almost but not quite as low as they can stoop. Sibcy suddenly responding now is incredible. 




Dear IPSO and other recipients, 

The Jersey Evening Post,  the newspaper run by my abuser's brother is still ignoring my complaints and referring to the conflicted Heather Steel as independent and harming me.
Please would you step in and ask them to stop as they biased represent the Jersey Deanery at my expense and are harming me, deliberately as I continue to suffer their bias. Three years of their harassment and lies is too much.

There has been no independent investigation as the Bishop comissioned and employed Heather Steel and allowed her to continue, knowing she was conflicted, he was provided with a lot of evidence by former Deputy Bob Hill and myself and others.

If the press onslaught and the upholding of the Dean's misconduct at my expense does not stop, the JEP will be guilty of manslaughter, along with everyone else involved.
I remain voiceless, the JEP ignore any communication from me,, and as I said, they are overseen by my abuser's brother, who is himself an alleged rapist but too important to face trial as he also oversees Jersey's financial services commission, which is quite an important position in a tax haven.

The Bishop knowingly went ahead with whitewash reports that omit me, which is illegal, and he is purely and simply abusing the press now to cover his back and get a bit of glory in pretending to care about this victim who he is constructively driving to her death by his abuse of the press. Over three years of attacks on me as a result of his actions have destroyed me and left me yet again homeless and destitute. I have asked him to resign over his godless actions for over three years, his pretence of care as he publicly kills me makes me vomit, it is time the JEP were reminded what news and reporting are, as they are not yet displaying an advert saying 'only 10p, 5p cheaper than the Daily Star'.

If the Bishop cares about my welfare, where is his arrangement for my side of things to be heard in the press and media after years of his lies and harm to me being published unchecked?

If the Bishop cares about my welfare why did he abuse his position in the House of Lords to arrange illegal liasons between Dame Steel and the police who harmed me and kept inaccurate records, why did he abuse his position as a Lord to arrange for the conflicted officer Stewart Gull to liase not only with Heather Steel to access my police records illegally and harm me as the records were incorrect but also arrange for Gull to illegally whitewash a serious case review with Glenys Johnstone the non-independent chair of Jersey's failed and disgraced 'safeguarding partnership'? No report contains my side and no report is balanced, the reports done so fare are harassment. 

And how come the press, media and complaints authorities have not responded to my complaints about this? Well because the Church of England are above the law and abuse their power with impunity, even at the cost of a life in my case and also in the Bishop Peter Ball case which was handled in an exactly identical appalling and catastrophic way that cost another victim their life as this case is costing me mine.

My name and identity and details have been made known and I am recognisable throughout this three year harassment, both in Jersey and the UK, especially as the Jersey Deanery and Diocese of Winchester have leaked my name and details repeatedly, and I have repeatedly been contacted by name, thus this is a libel and defamation case as well as harassment. I am recognisable from the attacks and thus I am at risk all the time, I have had harassment and threats in person.

The Bishop's actions are also a blatant breach of the action taken against him and a blatant disregard of the warnings he has had about harassing me. 

The Archbishop and Bishop between them are openly and blatantly constructively destroying me, with the help of the press and media, but as yet they have not produced an independent report into my case, indeed they haven't produced anything but whitewashes that omit my story, and because the Church of England are above the law and own the courts, judiciary, press, lawyers, police etc, they know that they can drive me to my death screaming in anguish and continue to defame me when I fall as Bob Hill did, and I will not wake. Bob defended me with his life for three years, but I have survived years and years of anguish, unheard, and I will not rise again when I fall. I am destroyed, I am finished, and unless someone steps in NOW and stops this, I will die. No hysterics, no joking, I don't have to kill myself, I am in every way destroyed beyond healing. The Bishop must be asked to have the courtesy to leave his manslaughter victim alone and stop backtracking so loudly and emptily and publicly. It is his own skin he is trying to save. He has dug my grave, tell him to stop dancing on it in the spotlight.



Dear Jersey Press, media, ofcom, viewer concerns, IPSO and other recipients including the Archbishop's communications department,

The Archbishop's communications department have been aware of my concerns for the last few months, so the one sided discrediting of me in the press and media is seen as their response, petty and spiteful.

Let's just imagine if I was employing ITV/BBC/JEP and the other press and media to publish what I sent them without question at the cost of the life of a vulnerable adult.
Lets imagine I could be an equal player in the abuse of power between the church and press, let's imagine that instead of a token pretence by ITV and no other outlet, they started including my story. The letter below the Statement of fact below, for example?

Lets just imagine that the church abuse of the press and media is extensive and add the fact that most vulnerable people have no voice, no ability to fight for their life through writing as I do, imagine most vulnerable people to be even more unable to communicate my side of a complex and horrific case to biased and uncaring press and media than I am. How many vulnerable people are killed by this behaviour by the press and media?
 Because if no-one steps in and this horrific damage continues to me, then ITV, BBC and the JEP will be guilty of aiding manslaughter, although they are likely to continue not to be held to account. I have endured over three years of church press attacks, inaccuracies and hatred against me,  and my life has fallen apart, I am too ill to function any more and have lost my home and my work as a result.

Let's just imagine if ITV/BBC/JEP actually had the courage to publish some of my side of things, such as the letter below, without question as they publish what the church sends them without question and with no regard for my welfare or wellbeing or side to the Story.

Here are some facts for the press and media who abuse me on behalf of the Church. Of course Gary Burgess is pointedly omitting these facts and has made a fake offer to interview me and then redacted that, printed a few lines as a token and no other media has attempted to contact or include me, especially not the biased BBC and JEP who for the last three years have actively facilitated attacks and lies against me by the general public in response to the biased and harmful broadcasts.

Would any recipient please make sure that in the event of my death, this email and linked letters is provided to the court. As much evidence as possible. I have no doubt, now homeless and destitute again, that I cannot hold onto my life for much longer

Statement of fact:
  • Dame Heather Steel is conflicted and has acted on behalf of the Jersey Deanery to harm me and absolve the Dean. Her report does not include my side of things and she and the Bishop were asked for her to withdraw and her report to be annulled as she is conflicted.
  • The Bishop of Winchester has been taken to court and is not allowed to publish the Steel report, thus what he has released to the press is PR LIES, not verified with me by any press or media outlet before publication.
  • The Archbishop allowed the Bishop to launch my case into the press and make it high profile and has stood by and let me be publicly destroyed for over three years, he has never met me, never communicated me, never warned me before enabling press and media attacks on me, never arranged for me to be interviewed or for a report on my case to be carried out. He and the Bishop are aware that Steel is conflicted, they are aware of my distress and they are aware that recently I have predicted a press and media attack by the Bishop's incongruent persistent contact with me in which he has ignored each response telling him to desist, he has ignored further warning letters to him and the Archbishop and he has ignored my court action against him. 
  • The Archbishop was not in a position to apologize to the Dean as he has not met with me, not heard my story or seen my evidence nor done an impartial investigation into my case, he has ignored all communication from me and has repeatedly met with the Dean and his legal, States and judiciary supporters, who have abused their power and broken the law in order to protect the Dean.
  • The Steel report is subject to a court order and thus cannot feed into the Gladwin Whitewash without the Bishop breaking the law, the Bishop is bound over to share the content of the Steel report with me and ensure that I agree with it before any form of publication, that includes feeding it into the Gladwin whitewash. The Steel report is void and not fit for publication and the Bishop has no right to go on misleading the general public or abusing his power over the unquestioning press, who's standard of reporting is so low that they just act as employees and PR spokespeople for the Church, is there money involved in this one-sided discrediting of a destroyed vulnerable adult?
  • The Bishop and Archbishop are well aware of the severe damage and distress they cause with each Press attack. The Bishop's persistent contact in the past few weeks indicated that a new press attack was iminent, why else would a man with psychopathic disregard for a vulnerable person's welfare pretend to care or apologise unless he needed such fakery for the press and media, it was a set up. The Bishop has put the phone down on me and ignored my emails and letters for over three years, as has the Archbishop. However, they have not treated the Jersey Deanery this way and have met with them and communicated with them. 
  • Have you seen the press and media reporting any of this? I haven't.
  • The Bishop and his staff put the phone down on me, block my emails and yet the Bishop has persisted in contacting me, ruining my exams in the past month after years of his cold silence to me while I suffer, he has ignored and blocked my demands for his contact over the past few weeks to stop. You will notice on my daily blog my extreme distress and pleas to the Bishop not to contact me and you will also note his silence this side of the attack and that yet again the Church have left me in crisis during a weekend with no one available to respond to my distress, this is a repeating pattern. 

Letter to Rt. Hon. David Cameron, PM:


Church of England abuse and use of the press- Serious risk to the life of a vulnerable adult.

Dear Right Honourable Prime Minister, Home Affairs Ministers and other recipients of these documents.
I wrote to you recently about the Archbishop and Church of England's abuse of the press and harm to abuse survivors.  I am writing again as I personally have suffered further harm from press releases by the Archbishop, which were published without question by the press and without the press asking for my side.  The Archbishop appears to have resorted to petty vengefulness and blatant injustice as a result of my complaint to you.

When I contacted the press and questioned them and also made complaints to the IPSO, Ofcom and head offices, one media source made a token inclusion of one or two sentences of my complaint in their broadcast, apart from that, the Archbishop has knowingly caused me severe harm and distress as a result of this matter and has left me yet again to be attacked by strangers and cranks over his press releases discrediting me, as has happened repeatedly for over three years.
Remember, the voiceless and frightened vulnerable and children and families who suffer the Church's degrading and discrediting actions may never be able to speak up, but I am a fugitive with my life in ruins. I tried hard to rebuild my life and go to work and university, the Church's actions during final exams month have cost me my degree, I am not fit to work and I am facing homelessness, all my work to rebuild my life has been destroyed.

In 2014 I took the Bishop of Winchester to court over the conflicted and harmful Steel report, which he was asked, with evidence, to annul, and he was asked this repeatedly by me and others, with evidence that Steel was conflicted by being a close colleague of the Bailhache Brothers who run Jersey through their States and Judiciary positions, and the Bailhache Brothers were openly supporting the Dean and abusing their power and position to uphold the Dean and defame me.  The Bishop continued to refuse to annul the Steel report and instead has allowed me to be attacked and defamed in the press every few months by the Jersey Deanery. The Steel report did not contain my views, only those of Dame Steel's friends and colleagues in the Jersey Deanery.  The Jersey Deanery and Town Church clique supporting the Dean is made up of judiciary, States member and lawyers who have abused their power and acted in a Godless way to discredit me and protect the Dean regarding his wrongdoing. The Dean has had the limelight as the 'wronged victim' while I have been left living in fear as a fugitive, suffering attacks and threats and living a restricted and fearful life as I have been treated with hatred by the press and public.

Instead of the Archbishop bringing an end to the misleading and harmful press releases and ensuring that there is an independent report into the Jersey  Deanery, a report that includes my side of things as none of the whitewash reports yet do, he launched another press attack discrediting me and omitting my side of things.
His press attack discredited me as he 'apologized' to the Dean of Jersey who subjected me to severe harm due to his friendship with my abuser who I reported to him. I have suffered injustice and harm ever since that day 8 years ago when I reported my second abuser in the Church of England. The abuser has been left to prey on other vulnerable women in the Church with the Dean's blessing. While I have been left destroyed, homeless, destitute and suffering.

The Archbishop has not met with me, has not heard my story and has not arranged an independent report into what has happened to me, he has repeatedly met with the Dean and his powerful, wealthy and legally trained supporters, and has now made a public statement that the deceitful and biased Dean who protected an abuser, is a good and Godly man, re-iterating his previous statement to that effect a few years ago. The Archbishop and his Church have not just failed to bring an impartial and balanced investigation but have also caused catastrophic and prolonged harm to a vulnerable adult. I will not be able to go on surviving this harm and I think a lot of people being forced to go through this persistent abuse of their character through the press would commit suicide much sooner.

I am more likely to just simply die due to a number of health conditions that are aggravated by the stress of this matter. I am autistic and I am isolated and fearful, I cannot tell anyone around me that I am this person depicted as evil in the press, so I cannot confide in anyone what I am suffering. I am a fugitive, ruined and destitute and fearful, and why? Because the whole of my adult life has been blighted by abuse, cover-ups, prejudice and defamation by this organization, the Church of England, who still vaguely claim to be a Christian Church.

I am a British Citizen and I am asking for the protection of the government. I am asking for protection from harm by Justin Welby and Tim Dakin, who were both appointed and announced by the Right Honourable Prime Minister, and I am asking that disciplinary and preventative action occurs to stop the persistent abuse of the press by these two men and that their harm to me ceases.  The Bishop of Winchester has been in the press alongside the Archbishop, still claiming that the Steel report will feed into the Gladwin report, despite both being conflicted and neither relating genuinely to my case as neither have made sure my story in full is recorded and included. Gladwin is the conflicted Bishop who worked with Butler-Sloss when she covered up for Bishop Peter Ball, and I consider the Gladwin report to be another ill-informed whitewash, while continued threats of publication of these reports on top of the severe defamation and harm to me by the conflicted Korris whitewash is damaging my health beyond repair.

Korris, a Church counsellor, carried out a report based on the notes of the safeguarding director who destroyed me to prevent the church looking bad in the press, her report was published internationally and handed to the police as fact, despite omitting my views. It led to me being threatened, harassed, hounded and left at risk while I was still a rough sleeper as a result of the Church destroying me for reporting abuse. The report omitted my views and covered up for that safeguarding director while nearly causing me to commit suicide over the traumatic whitewash content.

 No apology has ever been made by the Bishop of Winchester, the report was only removed when I, in desperation, took the Bishop of Winchester to court to prevent the publication  of the Steel report. And with no legal aid available, and very ill and up against one of the Church's integral powerful lawyers, I was not able to stop the Church and press from harassing me and it has continued up to this point where I am in shock and collapse, sitting in a half-empty flat with boxes littered around, my work and university degree in ruins.

I would like Archbishop Welby to understand that publicly and mercilessly abusing the press and destroying a vulnerable adult is not appropriate and that the Dean cannot be cleared and upheld by him in the press, one-sidedly and without him facing impartial investigation and discipline for his actions. Which he hasn't. The Dean can be upheld when he has been held accountable for his actions and when I am heard on equal footing to him. Which I currently am not. The press have blatantly harmed me and repeated inaccuracies without question. This matter is not going to go away as long as it continues to resurface every few months while I remain voiceless and suffering beyond bearing.

I would ask you again to remove the Archbishop and Bishop who have behaved with such disregard and dishonesty and abused the press and media so blatantly, they really do not care that public hatred to someone traumatised and vulnerable is not and never can be justified, especially not as that hatred comes from their failings and their need to use the press to glorify themselves. 

And I would like an independent inquiry that scrutinises these years of persistent harm to me.
As a courtesy taught to me by the man who collapsed trying to defend me from this harm, I will copy the Bishop, Archbishop, safeguarding, the abuse inquiry and other relevant parties in on this letter. The Archbishop's communications department are well aware of my ongoing distress but they continue to make press releases that harm me and omit my side of things, and the press and media broadcast these without question or editing or inclusion of my views, they then publish attacks on me  by the general public in response as illustrated in the documents enclosed. This matter should be a matter of legal protection from the government due to the serious nature and prolonged harm that no agency seems willing to counter and the fact that a vulnerable adult is at severe risk. The Church appear to be above any law or authority.


Further reading:


Dear recipients, 

Serious and prolonged harm by the Church of England and the press:

If these press releases do not stop, the Church will be guilty of manslaughter, a normal human being would not withstand three years of these lies in the press, and a a destroyed and destitute vulnerable adult is not going to go on surviving, the church have just cost me my home, my work, and my university degree course, for no reason but their continued and increasingly serious failings and lies.

This is a very urgent call indeed for these attacks by the press to stop.
The only people willing to record a fraction of my side of things was ITV after an urgent call to their headquarters, apart from that the continued and routine attacks on me by the JEP - overseen by my abuser's brother, and BBC Jersey, have continued despite complaints to Ofcom and IPSO.
ITV continue to blatantly avoid the subject of Heather Steel's serious confliction and basically the fact that the Jersey Deanery employed her to clear the Dean and defame me.

Anyone who sees this email and does not act to stop the very serious psychological harm to me is accessory to manslaughter. I can't go on surviving this and the church canot try to claim that my anguish and horror is mental illness, they have tried before to make my anguish out to be insanity.

The church's abuse of the press must end, and the press and media in Jersey publishing press releases by the church without question and without my side of things is an abuse of power.

The Bishop of Winchester's apology is meaningless as it was a part of this combined attack with the archbishop.
No amount of apologies will ever heal the now catastrophic damage done to me by the Church of England. The Church will be guilty of manslaughter if they are not forcibly restrained from their abuse of the press and from their run of whitewash reports that they threaten my life with and breach the data protection act with.
The Church of England's national safeguarding team are looking on as I suffer and as the Archbishop and the Bishop of Winchester continue their three year run of deceptions and abuses of power.

This email and the rest of my pleas over the years should be produced to the court on the event of my collapse and death as a result of this, I will not need to commit suicide, as I have stated for so many years, I am going to be killed by this persistent attack by the Church and press and the malice and threats from strangers that occur as a result.
There is no excuse whatsoever for the Bishop of Winchester and Archbishop of Canterbury to have allowed the conflicted reports to go ahead containing only the views of the defendants and omitting my story, or be published without my consent or agreement to their content, there is no excuse for the current deceit in the press and there is no excuse for continued misleading reporting causing me catastrophic harm.

Here are the articles:

Please also read my formal complaint made last week regarding the Archbishop of Canterbury, the links at the end of this letter to Bob Hill's account of the matter are vital reading.

The vulnerable adult writing this will not benefit from medical or social support, she needs freedom from fear and distress otherwise no support in this world will help her.



Dear Independent press complaints organization,

The Jersey evening Post are persisting in harming me through articles biased in favour of the Dean of Jersey who caused me serious and lasting harm regarding an abuse case that he mishandled.
I am asking again that this biased and harmful action is brought to an end.

Dame Heather Steel is blatantly conflicted and carried out her report on behalf of the defendant, the Dean, and the JEP is overseen by my abuser's brother, my abuser being a friend of the Dean, who was protected by the Dean. Steel has never interviewed me and thus her report is only a report on behalf of her colleagues in the Jersey Deanery, against me and it would be both inappropriate and illegal for such a report to be published.

This newpspaper has been harming my health for over three years now, and I have made a number of complaints but it hasn't stopped.
The Bishop of Winchester cannot publish the Steel report due to a court order, because the report was done against me by the conflicted Dame Heather Steel. The JEP with their family connections to my abuser and their refusal to contact me to ask for my side, are persisting in damaging my health and wellbeing and have been asked for three years to desist.


20/05/2015   No response from BBC Jersey, whereas ITV and the JEP have at least  made a rather feeble response:

Dear BBC Jersey, 

Please could you stop the one-sided misleading Church press releases which do not include the side of the story of the Church's victim. You have not contacted the victim to clarify things, and last year you caused her to collapse and also her mediator Bob Hill to suffer a brain haemmorage from stress when you published blatantly untrue and defamatory material. And the defamation and libel laws did and do apply.
You are killing the victim by the misleading onslaughts and the hate attacks that occur as a result, as you may recall from Bob's last blog but seem willing to still continue.
Here is the blog done in response to your attack last year, please read the comments: 

Here are some facts to counter the inaccuracies that you published this morning without question, very poor reporting indeed.

The Archbishop has never met HG and has never heard her story, nor is it included in any of the whitewash reports. However he has repeatedly met with the Dean and his lawyer, states and judiciary friends who advise him, thus the Archbishop's apology does not come from the Archbishop's balanced view of things. He has left a vulnerable abuse survivor destroyed and publicly attacked and smeared and ruined. BBC Jersey have been a Key Player in that.
The Steel report was written by a colleague of the Bailhache brothers and Michael Birt, who are part of the Dean's church and support him, the report was engineered to defame the victim and exonorate the Dean, this has been proven by various sources.

The Bishop faced several court cases over the Steel report and is not in a position to publish it.
The Bishop has subjected the victim to over three years of his and the Archbishop's catastrophically damaging abuse of the press for their side of things while the victim has had no voice in the press. 
The Bishop's recent 'apology' was completely fake and was part of the run up to this current effort by the Bishop and Archbishop to close down their ugly, illegal, unchristian and and very very damaging mess. HG has spent the past few weeks asking the Bishop to stop disrupting her exams with his lies and fakery and she was aware that his sudden strange behaviour was likely to be a precursor to another massive and severe attack in the press. She was correct.

The Bishop is not in any position to fake concern for the abuse victim he destroyed with the release of the defaming and inaccurate Korris report to the public without consent or any concern for the impact, he has no right to pretend care when he was presented with evidence that  Steel was conflicted and thus invalid three years ago and has refused since then to annul the report and call an independent inquiry as requested, there has been no independent report and the Gladwin report is conflicted and invalid. 

Maybe the Archbishop doesn't like the recent serious formal complaint against him, neither do his 'safeguarding' team who have stood by while they have been pleaded with by the victim persistently for the church to stop harming her. Obviously safeguarding is the wrong word for that team.

The press attack today by the BBC and ITV on behalf of the Church is incredibly harmful and misleading. Why do the BBC keep producing inaccuracies, lies and even defamatory attacks without the other side of the story? That isn't news or good reporting, it is an attack on a vulnerable adult by people who have done wrong and appear to be above the law and will go to any lengths to avoid responsibility for their illegal and damaging actions. 

Could you remind the Bishop and Archbishop who you work for and represent  in your media, that as yet they have not carried out an investigation into HG's case, thus they are not in a position to keep providing you with material that relates to the defendants at HG's expense. The reports so far have been on behalf of the defendants' side of things and have omitted HG, who does not have the legal advice and status of the defendants and has been left voiceless and suffering. Also are you going to report on the abuses of power and perversion of the course of justice involving the Bishop of Winchester, Jersey dignitaries and the police? Or is that not in the interests of your employers in the Church of England?


To the Archbishop, Bishop of Winchester and associated misadvisers of theirs:


I trust that the Bishop of Winchester and Archbishop of Canterbury are aware of the severe damage being done by the latest press onslaught caused by their release of one-sided deceptions in the press.

The Archbishop no longer has a right to his position, to repeatedly meet with the defendants in a case and ignore the plaintiff and then apologise publicly to the defendants leaving the plaintiff in shock after three years of similar negative and biased press releases and a number of whitewash reports. Horrifying, what an incredible injustice and what catastrophic harm.

The Bishop of Winchester's pretence of apology and care as part of this is sickening, he is playing the saint while he is part of that press release that has destroyed me again.

I cannot begin to express my horror and to be honest I am too destroyed to go on trying.

I want an independent investigation into the Church of England's handling of my case and also I want my recent serious formal complaint against the Archbishop to be dealt with.

The Bishop and Archbishop are liable for the current harm to my health and welfare, entirely. This matter is not closed, the horrific injustice of this attack means that I will have to continue to raise the profile of this matter.

Why did the Archbishop apologise to the Dean when he has only met the Dean and his powerful clique? And why is the Bishop who has destroyed me trying to play the saint, it makes him look even more sickeningly duplicitous. The Bishop of Winchester has had me publicly destroyed, the pretence of care and the fake apologies and the lies in the media about the Steel report make me sick, literally.

Make sure the BBC and ITV and JEP attacks are stopped, or you will be liable for my death.


Re:Bishop of Winchester
Dear Right Honourable David Cameron,
I was dismayed to see that after having made a complaint to you about Justin Welby's abuse of the press and media, I was immediately confronted by front page headlines of you and the Queen with Justin Welby.
It was a double blow as I have also contacted the Queen about Welby's abuse of the press and media during a time when his church is under investigation for systemic abuse. So I will re-iterate my complaint.
 I and  other victims of the Church of England do not want to see them flaunting their assurance that their powerful lawyers and judges will get them let off from any responsibility for systemic crimes against children and the vulnerable.
The Church of England have too much power and influence in the legal, judiciary and other systems through their members and as a 'Christian' Church they should not only voluntarily offer compensation to their victims, but they should also willingly agree to be audited and overseen from the outside in order to end the corruption and abuse of power that leaves victims suffering and silent.
I enclose my most recent warning to the Bishop of Winchester and ask again that you, who appointed him, remove him.




Bishop of Winchester Safeguarding Concerns:

Dear Child abuse inquiry,
I am seeing a lot of doubt in your ability from key witnesses.
Nonetheless it is my duty to enclose a letter regarding the Bishop of Winchester, because while this shocking, catastrophic and massive scale of injustice and corruption and cover-up remains at the same time as the church claim things have improved, the Church remains an abusive danger to children and the vulnerable.
The Church of England needs overseeing from the outside, and if the Bishop of Winchester can nearly kill a vulnerable adult with his illegal actions, he could have killed a number of children and their parents through similar injustice by now.
Best wishes,


Dear ***** ********
I write yet again to ask for your protection and intervention in harm to me by the Church of England.
Nothing has been done about the criminal actions of the church and police working together to destroy me for reporting abuse, and I remain in fear of my life and quite ill as a result.
Would you make sure the Bishop of Winchester and Stewart Gull and Glenys Johnstone are removed from positions where they can harm vulnerable adults please?
Thanks for your help so far.



Dear Archbishop Welby,

I enclose a new formal warning to the Bishop of Winchester merited by his ludicrous contact of me recently. Please make sure he is removed from his position for his crimes against me.
Make sure there is proper investigation and disciplinary action and an apology from YOU the same press that you use for PR stunts and the limelight that you are so desparate for, you are a real narcissist aren't you?
Also, while you and your church are under investigation for systemic crimes against children, would you please stop using the press and media for meaningless and pathetic PR stunts for the thankfully ailing and dying Church of England. You make me sick, literally.



Formal complaint against the Dean of Jersey:
Dear Bishop Trevor Willmott,

For a number of years now I have suffered severe harm as a result of the deceitful and unGodly and Unchristian abuse of power and bad behaviour of the Dean of Jersey and his associated members of the states, judiciary, masonic lodges and also legal professionals. 
Some of the people involved belong to more than one of those categories.
However, for these years, yourself and Archbishop Welby and Bishop Dakin have aided and abetted this behaviour, handing investigative reports over to people conflicted in this matter and openly and in the press upholding the bad behaviour of the Dean and Deanery, causing me to be defamed, discredited and psychologically injured.

My complaint is that the Dean has acted in a biased and harmful way, he has behaved disgracefully, along with his wife, and has enlisted members of his deanery as well as people involved in the former abuse that I suffered, to discredit me, and has used his high profile and legal friends to distort my case and to whitewash it through the conflicted and defamatory Steel report, which was written by a friend and colleague of his high profile friends, with their input.

As yet, throughout this high profile attack and defamation and discrediting of me, the Church have openly refused to include my views in the press or in any of the whitewash reports. The Archbishop has not met with me nor have you, and as my side of things is not recorded. The Archbishop was not in a position to apologize to the Dean or further discredit me in yet another demonstration of the Church's abuse of power over the press.

You are obliged to make arrangements for an investigation into my case and to find out why Whitewash conflicted reports are still being mentioned in the press as if they are valid when they are conflicted and evidence has been produced to that effect.
Please make sure the Dean and his supporters, including the Archbishop, are reprimanded for their appalling abuse of power and the press, and that the attacks and harassment and smearing of me are stopped.

I understand from seeing you take part in dangerous acts in Jersey that go against safeguarding, that you have very little understanding of the world, and your PR adviser made you boast about Jersey safeguarding while my case has been left unresolved and with wrongdoers behaving badly blatantly, and you also have a paedophile protector as lay chair of the Jersey synod, but nonetheless, you must get some advice on how to handle my complaints which now go back 8 years without resolution or justice, and with the Archbishop and Deanery and Bishop of Winchester compounding the damage constantly and publicly.

I understand that the Church don't know or understand safeguarding, that is very clear, but that is entirely their and your responsibility to change that and to ensure that arrangements are made straight away for my complaint against the Dean and Deanery, Bishop and Archbishop to be taken straight away as I am not willing to go on being harmed.

This is a serious formal complaint after being attacked in the press and media within the last week and being left homeless, unfit for work and unable to continue my university studies. The Church's abuse of power and deceit is not acceptable and destroying the life I had rebuilt for the sake of excusing themselves is another crime in years and years of crimes.



Dear National Inquiry,
While you are desparately investigating abuse crimes by the Church of England, they are publicly destroying me and refusing me justice.
Please would you step in as the Church are showing that they intend to go on behaving heniously right under your noses as yet another press discrediting of me has occured this week and has left me homeless and destitute yet again, I could not go on holding onto my life under this onslaught.

It is funny how desparately the church are trying to mislead you through the press about their safeguarding ability, but I can assure you that they don't safeguard, and they will kill me if this doesn't stop.


Vulnerable adult's life at risk.

Dear ************
I have no choice but to beg you to intervene yet again.
I am going to die if the church press attacks don't stop.



Dear Graham Tilby and Jane Dodds,

You have recently been active accessories to a public campaign of harm to a vulnerable adult, culminating in her losing her home, work and open university degree course and being left seriously and catastrophically harmed. This is after six months of you refusing to respond to her concerns before making a sudden pretence as part of the campaign of harm.
Before you resign, make sure this serious formal complaint is addressed, and if you continue to be incompetent in your response, pass the complaint to someone who understand about safeguarding and abuse. I believe it may be a bit beyond your capabilities.